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Poker has grown to be a hugely popular game throughout the world over the past few years. This is mainly due the growth of online poker, with millions of people regularly playing at the many poker sites on the web. The increased interest in poker has lead to many more live tournaments being televised with the world series of poker being shown, WPT events and many more.

Many of the professional poker players have become well know through the regular televised events with some such as Phil Ivey being near celebrity status. PokerSoft has compiled profiles of some of the best know pro poker players. The player profiles are packed with information about them and their poker careers with a few things that you might not have known thrown in. We're adding new poker player profiles regularly so check back to see the latest updates.

Chris Ferguson portait preview

Chris Ferguson

Instantly recognisable by his trademark long locks and unholy poker skills, Chris Ferguson is an old hand at the poker table. As a college student, Ferguson honed his chops in the days of the IRC network, banking on his computer science and mathematics background to score win after win.

Chris Moneymaker portait preview

Chris Moneymaker

He would’ve been the perfect accidental champion, if it his last name wasn’t a dead giveaway. Chris Moneymaker started with just $40 on the table during an online game, which eventually snowballed into a $2.5 million victory at the 2003 WSOP. Despite his extraordinary story, the former accountant from Tennessee still lives with his feet firmly on the ground.

Daniel Negreanu portait preview

Daniel Negreanu

Having spent practically all his adult life on the poker circuit, Daniel Negreanu has built himself into a household name thanks to his many accomplishments, including becoming the youngest person in history to win a WSOP bracelet. Hailed as the best poker player in the world, Negreanu has amassed a record-setting $30.6 million in prize money.

Doyle Brunson portait preview

Doyle Brunson

This cowboy just refuses to ride into the sunset! Doyle Brunson, a poker legend in the flesh, has dominated the world of poker for over half a century. Equally adept at teaching others as he is playing the game, Brunson has authored what many consider to be classic poker textbooks, including “Super System”, which is widely regarded as the bible of poker.

Greg Raymer portait preview

Greg Raymer

Greg Raymer is ultimate wild card. Having burst into the scene out of nowhere at the 2014 WSOP, “Fossilman” as he’s known, crushing over 2,500 other players to become the champion. An amateur fossil collector, Raymer never lost sight of his true nature, and despite letting a career in law go extinct in order to pursue poker, he claims his greatest joy still remains spending time with his family.

Gus Hansen portait preview

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen has always been a champion. From backgammon to tennis to poker, The Great Dane as he’s known in poker circles, with his chiselled Nordic looks and unique style of playing, boasts many accomplishments and a wide, loyal fanbase that is intrigued by his bad boy persona. Brash, resourceful, and always unpredictable, Hansen has powered his way to the top of the poker scene. He won’t let up any time soon.

Howard Lederer portait preview

Howard Lederer

If there’s one word that would describe Howard Lederer to a tee, it’s “intense”. Whether he’s at a Zen sitting meditation or sitting at a poker table, Lederer puts no less than 100% of his concentration in the task ahead of him. Nicknamed “The Professor” for his thoughtful demeanour, Lederer has proven himself a highly skilled player, as well as a capable mentor to upcoming pros.

Joe Hachem portait preview

Joe Hachem

Joe Hachem’s journey to the top of the poker world was a tough and treacherous one. The man is no stranger to the disappointment of seeing the pot slide into another player’s arms, and has had to deal with a rare health condition for most of his life. Yet against all odds, Hechem trudged on and finally got his breakthrough during a game in Australia, which finally provided him with the tailwind he needed to win a WSOP bracelet.

Phil Hellmuth portait preview

Phil Hellmuth

Another household name, Phil Hellmuth is a true poker celebrity who’s just as well known for his talent to vacuum chips from his opponents and into his own treasure pile, as he is notorious for being a hot-headed character. A recognisable face, having appeared in many major tournaments, book covers, and various endorsement deals, Hellmuth has silenced critics by always marching to the beat of his own drum.

Phil Ivey portait preview

Phil Ivey

From the very beginning, Phil Ivey impressed fans with skills and a calm, focused and inscrutable playing style that belonged to a more seasoned contender. A precocious player, who learnt the ropes by hitting Atlantic City poke rooms armed with a fake ID, Ivey entered his first WSOP tournament in 2000 and rapidly climbed the ranks to become what many poker critics and fellow players now recognise as the best all-round player in the world.

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