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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking to get started in online gambling? Here at we know it can be pretty intimidating when you look at all of the online poker sites that are available. There are a huge number of rooms to choose from, all of which have multiple stake levels, different bonuses, and accept different payment methods.

When playing online poker, it is best to go with reputable sites that have been thoroughly vetted. It is also a smart idea to educate yourself about the world of online poker, especially as it relates to UK laws and regulations. That way, you can play with confidence and know that your cash winnings are secure.

We put together this thorough FAQ page to answer all of the questions you may have about playing online poker in the UK. Read on to learn all you need to know to get started today.

Is online poker legal in the UK?

YES! Online poker can be legally played in the UK with unlimited stakes. Just make sure that you play it safe and only go with reputable poker sites. Verify that they are licensed and that they have reputable customer service agents available at all times. Any poker company that is licensed by the Gaming Commission must ensure that all complaints are dealt with by independent organizations.

At what age can I play?

UK players must be 18 years or older in order to legally play poker online. This law applies exactly the same to land-based poker rooms in the UK, and it is enforced pretty strictly. You must verify your identity and age before playing for real cash.

What is the tax situation?

Most people in the UK are exempt from paying taxes on their poker winnings. This is because most people play for fun, and poker is not considered their occupation. Professional gambling, on the other hand, sometimes come with a tax liability if your winnings are perceived as “payment” rather than winnings. The government offsets this lack of tax revenue by requiring a 25% tax on the poker companies themselves.

How is it regulated?

Online poker is regulated by the Gaming Commission, which was established in 2005. This regulatory body has grown into one of the most powerful and effective in the UK, if not in the world. It has the power to dole out and remove licensing, fine companies, void bets, inspect any and all poker rooms, and even more. This creates a fair environment for all players, online and offline.

How do I start playing for real money?

It is so easy! Check out the sites that we have taken the time to vet and review, and pick one that seems good to you and has the type of poker you are interested in. You can play a few games for free to get the hang of the site, and then start playing for real money. All you have to do is verify your age and identity, add money to your bankroll, enter a poker room and start playing!

What games are more popular?

The most popular games in the United Kingdom are Texas Hold Em poker and Omaha poker tables. These are the ones you will see most often in online poker rooms as well.

What games are more profitable?

This is a very subjective question, because the most profitable game is always the one that you have an edge over your competitors in. That said, for beginners, Texas Hold Em is usually very profitable because it is easy to learn and you can move up in the tables relatively quickly. Try out different games to see which one matches your style and preferences, then focus on getting skilled at that particular game, and you will maximise your winnings.

Which offer the best winning opportunities?

The best winning opportunities all depends on your personal strategy and can vary from table to table. One of the best strategies is to play ring games. This means a cash game, where you enter and exit at will and do not have to sit through the entire game like in a tournament. You can take advantage of the best winning opportunities and get out while you are on top.

How do I play in a tournament?

Any online poker website that hosts tournaments will have a special area of the website dedicated to tournament rooms. Just log in to your account, check on the tournament times, and make sure to be online for the live game. Set aside some time for the game where you won't be disturbed, because you will have to sit through the entire game in order to collect your winnings.

Can I make a living from online poker?

Some people can! It is not guaranteed that you will be able to make a decent living as a poker player, but if you take the time to learn strategies and practice your game constantly, you may be able to become a professional player. It is not a bad job to have, since you are not taxed on your winnings in the UK!

How do sites payout?

Online poker sites pay out just like any other online casino. Verified sites accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, money orders, online wallets and payment sites. You can count on being able to receive payments in all of these forms as well. Some sites even give you the option of having a check mailed to you, or a money order.

Can I play on a mobile?

YES! It is so easy, and so fun to play poker on your mobile. As long as you have a reliable connection, you can play from anywhere. Make sure you are not going to get kicked off mid – game though, or you may lose your winnings.

Does it use much data?

Playing online poker uses about the same amount of data as watching a video on your mobile. One way to avoid a lot of data usage is to play via a wifi connection, as opposed to playing on your phone company's wireless network.

Are poker sites rigged?

Legitimate poker sites will never be rigged. Some sites that are not licensed by the Gaming Commission may be, though, so always make sure to play at only verified and vetted sites that are licensed and trustworthy.

Are they safe?

Any site that is licensed by the Gaming Commission is going to be a safe place to play. The Commission works night and day to weed out unsavoury sites and make sure that they are shut down so that they can not scam consumers. Pick sites that are licensed to guarantee the safety of your winnings.

How do I spot a trustworthy site?

Check out our list of recommended sites to make sure that you are playing at a trustworthy poker room. We took the time to go through each of these sites in detail and vet their payment options, reviews, poker room availability, and customer service to make sure that they are trustworthy.

How do poker sites make money?

Poker sites make money in one of two ways. First, they rake – this means that a percentage of the pot in cash games automatically goes to the house. Usually it is 5%, and capped at $3. Sometimes higher stakes games rake in more money for the house. Second, fees – this means that they charge each player in tournaments for the privilege to play. Usually the fee is 1/10 of the buy in cost.

What payment methods are recommended?

The quickest and easiest payment methods are those that do not require a lot of additional verification during cash out. Usually banks require a lengthy verification process, so debit cards and bank transfers are not ideal for cashing out. Online wallets such as Paypal are the best option because the transfer is almost instantaneous.

What software should I use?

The best part about online gambling is that it does not require any special software. Yes, some sites give you the option of downloading their casino software, but you do not have to. You can play online right in your browser, or from your mobile.

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