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Draw Poker

Draw Poker

If you recall growing up, any time there was a poker game depicted on an old western movie or backroom poker game on the "telly" where the game of choice wasn’t 5 Card Draw: 5 Card draw is the poker game that most people imagine when they hear poker. Little do they know that this is the simplest form of poker and only one of many far more strategic, sophisticated variants.

The game is specifically designed to be a beginner's game with easy rules. The traditional hand values of poker cards come from 5-card draw. It is also the variety that most video poker games are based upon. The game starts by the dealer dealing 5 cards face down to each player. The cards always remain facedown until the showdown occurs. Depending on the variation of 5-card draw, players are allowed to draw any number of cards and then there is a betting round. Then a showdown occurs, or in some versions there is another drawing round.

Playing Draw Poker

Blinds and Antes

Basically there are two main ways to play 5 Card Draw: the Ante and the Blinds.

The Ante Method

This is the original way to play the game. It is easily the most common game of cards in the world. Prior to playing this game everyone must bet the same exact, predetermined ante before any cards are dealt.

The Blinds Method

In this case only the two players left of the dealer have to pay any money before the cards are dealt. The first player left of the dealer pays the small blind, and the player to the left of the small blind pays the big blind. Who sets the blind? The organizer develops the blind schedule, in most cases the online poker site. The small blind is generally half of the big blind and the big blind is typically 1/100th of the total set buyin.

The Deal

Draw Poker - getting started

After all the players have anted or the blinds are in place the dealer deals every player their cards face down. Following this move the betting starts. However, if you are playing with blinds then the primary betting round starts.

In an ante game the first player to ante or bet can check, which means they are not forced to make a bet. They can stay in the hand for free if they choose to.

The Draw Round

After the betting round is over with, the draw round begins. Beginning with the player closest to the dealer’s left. If the player has already folded, then it goes to the next player closest.

Players have the option to "stand pat" which lets them keep all of the five original cards. In turn they can also discard any of the five cards and get replacements. If this sounds just like the video poker machines, then you are right it is very similar.

The Second Betting Round and Showdown

Now comes the moment of truth. After all players have received their new cards, they have a chance to determine the quality of their hand and move on to the final betting round. Should there still be players in the game (some may have chosen to fold) then it is time for a showdown. The player with the best combination of cards wins the pot.


Online poker offers so many advantages to players everywhere. No matter what your circumstances, you are never far from one of your favourite games. There’s no driving, no trying to get enough players together for a hand, and lots of exciting variety and tournaments to enjoy. Everything is right at your fingertips, but there are some things you should know about getting started finding the best draw poker online websites to play at.


While draw poker is by no means for beginners only, it is an important stepping-stone for all new players. Unfortunately new players often make a big mistake before they even entire their first draw poker hand - they choose the wrong online poker site. Choosing the wrong site can make the entire experience a negative one and turn you off of playing one of the most thrilling games online - one that can win you lots of money too. While most online games take your money and never give you any in return, online draw poker lets you play and offers you the chance to win thousands of dollars! First you need an online draw poker site that is reliable, safe and has all of the tools and qualities that will make your time a good one. We have those here. Instead of picking an online draw poker site by chance on a search engine, you can use the full scale reviews provided here by our expert poker review experts and find the site that will have everything you need to play draw poker in a safe, inviting and exciting environment.

Get started now by clicking on one of the respected draw poker websites listed here and be on your way to an exciting new game experience that may give you the money to change your life forever.


California Lowball is a Draw poker variation, with a very old history. The high hand in California Lowball, indicated by its title, is the low A-5 hand. California lowball is played with a joker in the deck. It was also one of the first poker games to use blinds only and no antes. This is so nobody can see a free first round. If a player checks after the draw with a 7 high hand or better, he will lose any cash in the pot and have to fold. There are also slight differences between limit California Lowball and No limit/Pot Limit California Lowball - for instance in limit games players can not normally check-raise in middle rounds. In no limit and pot limit, check raising is a standard and accepted play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is draw poker?

Draw poker, or 5-card poker, is the original form of poker where players are dealt five cards face down and then compare their hands after a betting round.

How is it different?

Draw poker is very easy to learn compared to other variants. It’s also quicker to play and tends to have smaller bet limits, which makes it ideal for beginners who don’t have a large bankroll yet.

Is it popular online?

Yes, draw poker attracts a lot of new who enjoy its simplicity and experienced players who might use it to take a breather from more complex games.

Where can I find games?

You can find draw poker at any reputable online poker site. We’ve taken care to list some of the best internet poker rooms for UK players that offer draw poker on our website.

How much can be won?

The betting limits and the amount you can win in one hand varies from one poker variant to another, as well as between poker software and operators. Always check the betting limits before playing a hand to find out exactly how much money you can win.

How does it compare to other poker games?

Draw poker may not be as exciting as other poker game, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, however it’s a good game for beginners to learn the different hand values and the basic rules of playing poker online.

Can I play on a mobile device?

Yes, most online poker sites will let you play draw poker and other games on your mobile device, either through your web browser or by installing poker software on your smartphone or tablet.

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