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Advantages of Online Poker

Advantages of online Poker

Online poker is all the rage and its popularity continues to swell like a huge tsunami taking over the world of gambling. From online poker many legends have been born. Organizations like WSOP - World Series of Poker has developed into one of the most viable sporting events globally. Unlike other world proclaimed events, such as the World Series of baseball that espouses a global involvement it only hosts teams from the US - (with a one team exception from Canada) the WSOP involves players from all over the world because of online access. Although it is with a strong commitment of poker players and years of tireless play, many online poker players have become overnight millionaires and superstars. So what is it about online poker that is so much better than land-based poker?

Top 20 Advantages to Playing Poker Online

  1. Access to a game or tournament 24/7/365
  2. This may just be the best reason of all. It takes all of the other top reasons and makes them possible. You are never without a game or access to one. In addition to the accessibility many also offer gameplay in multiple languages.

  3. Mobile poker
  4. Like the 24/7 reality, this one takes you to an even higher level of accessibility. Catch a quick game or two on break at work. Wherever you are you have a game in the palm of your hands. All of the best online poker sites that we have recommended also are fully equipped with mobile play.

  5. Greater variety of banking
  6. Land based casinos and poker rooms accept two forms of payment, either cash or credit cards. The downside to using a credit card to obtain cash to buy chips is that they can charge huge fees in most cases. Playing online affords you the poker player with multiple options by using eCash. So whether it is a major credit card an eWallet or third party processor, the options are awesome. Also, the best online poker sites also accept deposits in multiple denominations.

  7. You save money
  8. Because you never have to worry about tipping the dealer or the wait-staff, you save money there. You do not have to tip the valet or the parking meter because you do not waste money on such things. Transportation costs are saved because you never leave the comfort of your own home.

  9. Lower rake percentages
  10. We have searched high and low to find the sites with the lowest rake in the business so you can anticipate around 5% rakes for online casinos. Whereas live casinos and poker rooms can be as high as 15-18%. One of the primary reasons behind this is the difference in the overhead between online poker sites and land-based venues.

  11. More productive hands
  12. You have played poker at local casinos and you know how frustrating it is to have to wait for a slow dealer to get their acts together. Plus it can be relatively intimidating to have pit bosses hovering over you the whole time. Either way all of that really slows down the game, and as a result the number of hands played over time, is much lower than that of online poker games.

  13. Greater selection of poker
  14. The way to become a really strong poker player is to play more than just Texas Hold’em. While Texas Hold’em is the most popular game, if you ever wish to make it to the top tournaments, then you need to diversify and play games like 7 Stud, Omaha, Razz, no-limit and limit variants. It is much easier to experience a plethora of options with online poker than you will ever find at a brick and mortar establishment.

  15. All levels of poker players are welcome
  16. Online poker is the perfect training ground for new players. In fact that is exactly why online poker sites have thousands of players online at all times of the day and night. Not only are poker players of all skill levels able to play. All levels of bankrolls are too.

  17. Players will find multiple levels of buy-in
  18. We found great online poker sites that have something for everyone when it comes to low deposits to micro stake games. As a player you can get started for as low as a $10 deposit to playing online for as little as $0.01. Don’t feel like you have to play low because you can also go as high as you want. Land based poker sites have exaggerated minimums and maximums.

  19. Waiting times are non-existent
  20. You will never have to sign up and wait for a seat again. Far too often you will find poker players at casinos wandering around playing at slots or other table games as they wait for their name to be called. Sometimes they wait for hours depending upon the speed of the dealers and size of the tables. This can be frustrating and it can also be a waste of a poker player’s time and money waiting to get to table. Online poker has no wait times and typically beyond the amount of time it takes to deposit funds there is no waiting at all.

  21. Bad dealer woes
  22. Let’s face it, human error and personality can really impact a player’s outcome. Gamblers have a tendency to lean on superstition and paranoia when it comes to certain things mostly when it comes to dealers. You will have no mistakes in the dealing, no human errors and superstitious leanings are greatly dissipated when playing online.

  23. Great welcome bonuses
  24. Everyone loves free money. In essence that is exactly what a welcome bonus is free money. When you sign up and make your first deposit the best online poker sites will reward you with many times a matched amount of your first deposits. Why would they want to do that? Because they want you to feel welcome and play at their establishment. You will never find that at a brick and mortar joint. They may offer you food and drink comps, but what every gambler wants is more money because money keeps you in the game longer.

  25. The option to play at multiple tables
  26. There is no way in the world that any poker player would ever be allowed to play at more than one table at a time at a brick and mortar casino. That idea is laughable. But, online poker encourages it. Playing multiple tables simultaneously is exactly how to increase your hand history and to diversify your skills. Experienced players can even win at multiple tables at once doubling and tripling their winnings.

  27. Play in your pajamas if you desire
  28. Never worry about how you dress again. You worked hard all day and the last thing you want to worry about is wasting time getting ready to sit for hours in a less than desirable position. Not only can you sit in your boxers if you wish, you can do it sitting in your comfy chair. Oh and taking a loo-break is rarely a problem at home.

  29. Dinner is served
  30. Not only is it super easy and fast to get into a game, it is just as easy to exit the poker room. While you are playing at a casino if you are bought into a tournament, you have to remain until you are done. If you have to leave in the middle of something, (however, why would you) then you can without any worries. So, go ahead play a quick game or two while you wait for dinner to be served.

  31. Meet and learn from poker players around the world
  32. Online poker players are some of the friendliest people on the planet. Not only do they enjoy a mutual game of poker, but also they love to share their understanding of the game.

  33. Freerolls, and freeplay
  34. Tell me one brick and mortar site that will let you sit down at a table and play for free. They do not exist. While they may give you a comp here or there, they are not going to let you play for free. Also, rarely if ever will you find a traditional poker room in essence pay you to play in a tournament. Online poker sites will reward players will freerolls. They are covering your buy-in and yes, you can win real money.

  35. Less time wasted
  36. The old idiom “time is money” really comes into play when it comes to playing poker. Every minute that is wasted on travel, parking your car, waiting for a table and other such things, not to mention eating and going to the loo is time that you missed out on finessing your poker strategies. Online poker players will tell you they improved their game because they played the game a lot.

  37. Loyalty programs
  38. Online casinos want you to keep coming back. As a result they will reward you points for a myriad of reasons. The number of hands you play, how much you buyin for, how many times you won, friend referrals and more. The outcome of point accumulations is: freerolls, rebates on lost wins, invitation to play at exclusive tournaments, prizes, bonus dollars and more.

  39. Poker school and other specialty features
  40. This may not seem like a big thing initially, but when you realize that you can be learning from poker pros like Daniel Negreanu then you will come to understand that most online poker sites offer on the spot training, tutorials and even poker schools. An additional special feature that online poker sites offer than land-based casinos cannot is high quality technology that will track your hands over time so that you can see first hand how you are playing the game. Brick and mortar casinos merely give you win-loss statements at the end of the year.

We are pretty certain that you will come up with many additional reasons why online poker has its advantages. While you are discovering that check out some of our highly recommended sites, there is no time like the present.

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